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Tauri Temperature-Check Tablet - Equalized Productions

Tauri Temperature-Check Tablet

We know that keeping employees and clients safe is an important responsibility, and will continue to be on all of our minds for the foreseeable future. Equalized Productions would love to support your team in enhancing their already amazing safety efforts today with a new level of employee and client screening – temperature checks. The Tauri-Temperature Check tablet is a contact-free, touch-free device that enables your team to take a core body temperature without being in close proximity to others. The tablet has an IR sensor that is accurate to +/- .5° F and can get a reading from 3.3 feet away. Your team can even monitor the results using a remote laptop or monitor to ensure their ongoing safety and keep you aligned with a safe screening protocol.

Call today to learn more about our contact-free and touch free temperature checks!

Why Tauri?

  • HDMI out – Aurora tablets have an active HDMI output that will allow an operator to view the scan results from a safe distance.
  • ReAX control processor & interface – TAURI tablets from Aurora will include the ReAX control system.  With ReAX, you can create graphical user interfaces and advanced logic using our free software, allowing you to control 3rd party devices or custom applications.  Additional expansion hardware allows you to expand beyond network control protocols, providing physical ports to control devices using RS-232, IR, relays, and I/Os.  ReAX will be included for free via a firmware update in the near future.
  • Digital signage – a future firmware update for Aurora tablets will include the option to use TAURI tables as a digital signage engine.
  • Value-added features – in addition to by providing temperature check capabilities, our exclusive features, optional upgrades, and hardware expansion will ensure that you are getting the highest value for your investment.
  • Accessories – Aurora can provide a one-stop shop for accessories, including mounting solutions, control system expansion, HDMI signal extension, AV over IP, and multi-viewing capabilities, allowing many panels to me monitored by a single person in a centralized, remote location.
  • Accuracy – with one of the most accurate sensors in the industry, TAURI tablets provide a reliable first line of defense for health screening.

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