How we work

Design, Consulting, Installation, and stellar Support

Our staff has the experience and knowledge to design and/or install a custom system just for you. Whether it’s a theatre system for your home, projection system for your office, we’ve got you covered.

Front to back Design

Here at Equalized Productions, we bring you many years of experience that has allowed us to fine tune our services to offer you the best complete installation at a competitive price. We design your system from front to back installing only what you want. We handle all the logistics and technical processes that make your system work so you don’t have to. In the end, your system will be catered to your requirements ensuring it is easy to use and maintain. When designing a system, we consider many variables from the general operators and experience levels you have, to the amount of people the venue can hold.

If you are happy with your current system, but don’t know how to use it, or need some extra help, give us a call to arrange a visit that we cater to your needs. We can set up general classes or training on systems operations, controls, and maintenance.



  1. Free consultation and estimates.
  2. Custom Cabling.
  3. Universal remote solutions with custom interactive programming.
  4. Free hands on training sessions with operators/owners when the system is completed.
  5. Classes offered both individually and in groups for general design and operations fundamentals or for your specific system.
  6. Full installation warranty.
  7. Coordination with electrical or other contractors for needed upgrades to cut down on expensive sub contractors or communication errors.

Equalized Productions also purchases all equipment through a direct distributor or directly from the manufacturer. This means we have substantial cost savings that we pass down to you. We will design and/or install just about anything you can think of for communications, theatre systems, sound systems and low voltage systems of any kind.


Live Production

Equalized Productions understands that there are many different levels and sizes of events. If you are looking to have your event completely managed, we can do that for you too, eliminating the stress of working with many different companies to get to the product you require for your event. Equalized Productions can offer sound, lighting, staging, video production, and full event management at any level. We offer many different system configurations and sizes to best fit your needs. We can handle any size event for any occasion. Equalized Productions designs, builds, and services systems for touring groups, for performances, corporate events, concerts, seminars, school events, schools, church events, churches, and anything else you may need.

Contact us so we can start designing a service that’s right for you and your event.