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Commercial Audio and Video Systems to: 

Inspire • Educate • Communicate • Captivate • Soothe

At Equalized Productions, we start the commercial audio and video process by first understanding your goals and needs. Do you want to attract new customers? Inspire people to visit you? Communicate information? Gain new clients? With this information, we can help you improve sound quality, set the right mood lighting and provide visuals that will be noticed and remembered.

Below is just a sampling of some industries we have helped in the past.

Houses of Worship


Equalized Productions can create easy-to-use audio and video systems for your staff and volunteer congregation members to use every week. From simple upgrades to an existing system, or redesigning a new audio, video and lighting experience, our team of experts will listen to your needs and provide the best solutions for your facility and ministry. We cater to all portable, new-build, existing site upgrades and multi-site needs.

Education (K12 and Higher Education)


Equalized Productions designs and installs audio, video and lighting systems for schools that are meant to help bridge the gap between effective and affordable while also handling the demands of tech-inspired students. We provide classroom solutions, auditorium and theater systems as well as gymnasium and stadium system solutions that will meet your budgetary needs while still providing incredible quality, performance and durability. We are also available to assist with your event technical needs, graduations, and system tunes.



Digital collaboration and video conferencing are now the norm rather than an extravagance. Companies need systems that can instantly connect you with your remote teams but that are still easy to use and full of attractive features. Equalized Productions understands the importance of working in a digital age with staff of varying technical abilities.

Apartment Complexes


In today’s highly competitive rental market, standing out from your competition is key. You do not have to be a luxury apartment complex to benefit from the value that integrated audio and video systems will add to your facility. We collaborate with complexes directly, working with developers and architects who are looking for outdoor entertainment options, fitness studio systems, club and amenities room systems, digital signage or ambient music solutions. Our team can design, build, install and service these systems for you.

Digital Signage and Video Walls


Capture audiences with personalized digital media for all scenarios. Applications can range from digital wayfinding to interactive navigation to streaming videos to advertising and marketing – this technology is limitless in what you can achieve. Flexible design, size and display type allow us to find the right solution for your needs and your budget.

Public Spaces


Background music in stores, fitness clubs, doctor’s offices, etc., can do more than entertain. It can help to soothe, calm nerves, inspire activity or even motivate people to buy. Our team can also create video solutions for public spaces such as digital signage. Every little detail can make a big impact on how outsiders enjoy, appreciate and benefit from your space.

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